Unmanned Ground Vehicle IRONCLAD 

Ironclad is a multifunctional unmanned ground vehicle (MUGV) designed to solve combat tasks, material, technical, medical support in the tactical chain of command. The MUGV can perform these tasks both as part of the surveillance and fire complex and independently under the operator's control. Ironclad executes tasks based on the expanded network of deployable control rooms (PU), a system of repeaters (ground, air) with regular fire means of divisions of tactical link. The operator can manage the unmanned ground vehicle both teleoperated (LOS) and use deployed repeater-based communication networks.

Unmanned ground vehicle Ironclad consists of:
- ground, wheeled, a protected platform with off-road engines, which give it a high level of manoeuvrability;
- hybrid power plant with low acoustic and thermal visibility;
- network, broadband, crypto-resistant, interference-protected communication system (radio-wired);
- all-round view system, which operates at any time of day and under difficult weather conditions.
The ground-based robotic Ironclad system significantly expands the depth of the combat zone on the front line and, thanks to the installed combat module, provides a firing advantage.



LхWхH 2800х1850х1460 mmWeight 1950 кгPayload 350 кг