Outpost System

Outpost SYSTEM

Enemy territory, difficult terrain conditions, and enemy countermeasures limit the military's ability to see and fight at the battalion level and below.
The Outpost System program facilitates combat operations at the tactical level: from soldiers in the field to the battalion headquarters and brigade.

Command and Control

Using Outpost System allows operators to add standardized tactical objects to the map, exchange them in real-time over the weak channels, see on the map the location and actions of the forces.Outpost System is a network of nodes, each of which is an equal member of the system, and the elimination of each one does not affect the data exchange of others.



Information Exchange Mechanism (Stanag 4677)-based protocol for the messages exchange in conditions of nonguaranteed delivery

Separate and encrypted DB for each user, and encrypted scenes for sensitive data, encrypted transfer layer

Work with offline maps without internet access;
Modern GIS with support for 3D map display mode

Integration with external systems (UGV, UAV, drones, tablets etc)

Variety of supported geodata providers (Google Maps, OSM, ESRI, SRTM etc)

Multilateral Interoperability Programme 4.1 as a data model

MIL-STD-2525C as a data visualization model

Implementation of NATO standards and data models