Ironclad UGV demonstrated at Arms and Security Exhibition in Kiev

Ironclad UGV demonstrated at Arms and Security Exhibition in Kiev

Ironclad, the UGV manufactured At Arms Expo in Kiev, Ukraine. October 2018 (Picture source: Youtube PrintScreen IndraStra Global )

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At the Arms and Security Exhibition that took place in Kiev (Ukraine) on October 9-12, the Ukrainian defense contractor Global Dynamics showcased the latest prototype of its 4x4 unmanned ground vehicle UGV) called Ironclad, like BAE Systems' one, which is tracked.

The manufacturer produced a first prototype in 2014, then two more. The Ukranian Ironclad UGV, with its two articulated units on wheels enabling very sharp turns, weighs 1,100 kg). It is 2.57 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and 0.96 meter high. The front module bears the weapon station foreseen for a light, medium or heavy machine gun, while the rear one carries the payload which can reach 200 kg.

The vehicle is powered by diesel generators, which power hub-mounted electric motors enabling the UGV to reach 20 km/h. The battery provides a maximum autonomy of 1 hour but the UGV can be operated for up to 4 hours in hybrid mode with maximum payload or 10 hours if empty, the maximum range turning around 130 km. It has been designed for missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA).